Fall is an awesome time of year..

Fall is an awesome time of year…

I’ve been touring a lot in the Napa and Sonoma wine country. This time of year has been busier than usual. Maybe because last year we didn’t have much of a season so people are making up for it. I’ve had to tell perspective clients, sorry but we’re booked up.

The colors of fall are simply amazing. The grape vines and trees are turning all kinds of rich reds, yellows and burnt amber. It’s a colossal array of fruit loops expressed through nature. The above photo was taken at Far Niente Winery and the beauty of the landscape did not disappoint The photo below was taken from the parking lot at Far Niente. I think this winery probably had the best fall colors of all the wineries in I’ve visited this year in Napa Valley.

Sooo…..Halloween has passed and now onto the holidays. Wow! Where did this year go? We’ll be taking off Nov. 9th to drive to Colorado to visit family and my mom who finally had her hip surgery. Her hip seems to be healing well. When we get back we’re looking forward to going up to the cabin at Pine Mtn. Lake with family to celebrate Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for this year. If you didn’t know Patrick and I got married September 18th at Bhachu Winery right here in Martinez. It was a beautiful day for a marriage ceremony and to be with our family and friends. 

Well, thanks for reading and I’m wishing you all the best of life. Take a moment to do some random act of kindness this season or any time, even a smile can go a long way. If you’re reading this let me know. I hope to see you soon.

Love and Blessings,


Fall colors

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