Are you excited? Or are you dreading turning the clocks forward and missing that extra hour? Some people I know have a really hard time with the time change. Me not so much.

It’s been a year tomorrow that we went into our stay at home, serious pandemic mode. How have you handled it? Patrick and I went up to the mtn house and spent two months there and really enjoyed our time. It was almost like a long vacation. Patrick got a lot of work done he was wanting to do for many years.

Fast forward to now and after a year things are starting to open up. This week, inside dining in Contra Costa will be at approx 25% so I’m looking at that as a positive. I’ve gotten my first shot and will get the second, the end of the month. I know so many people who have already gotten theirs and then there are those who aren’t getting it. I feel it’s a personal choice.

I have been working hard in my marketing of photography and haven’t been doing much with my company, Let’s Roll Wine Tours. To date, I am shooting boudoir photography and loving it and I’m looking to book more women who want to experience their beauty and essence in a bigger way.

Have a wonderful Spring.


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